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The Union Group began over 60 years ago as a one-man business, a tiny money exchange shop in downtown Amman. Today, the business comprises over twenty individual companies with more than 1400 employees, however, in essence it remains a family.

With our headquarters in Jordan, this ever expanding enterprise has grown throughout the Middle East delivering world class performance in the fields of finance, real estate, industry, consumer goods and services.

Our union creates synergy - a dynamic force that identifies market trends and complimentary business opportunities. We are a steady anchor in Jordan’s promising business sector as well as leaders in the region. We hope to set an example for other companies to follow.

The Union family of companies shares a set of core values: corporate responsibility, excellence and unity. Together, our diverse experience has allowed us a comprehensive business perspective, equipping us with the ability to realise social responsibility and excellence together. Through all our operations, we adhere to the corporate management belief in an innate understanding of social corporate responsibility, whether regarding our environment, the society at large or our own, as one family, the wellbeing of our employees is at the core of our values.